What if you passed your gut probiotic in 15 minutes or less?

September 09, 2016 Steven Edwards

Based upon many scientific studies from the NCBI (NIH, PubMed), Cochrane Collaboration, Human Microbiome Project, and many more, I believe that just as certain probiotics for the gut can help with IBD, IBS, etc., so can certain dental probiotics help with oral health. Over the past 5 years or so, more and more evidence points to benefits from dental probiotics. The main problem though has always been that all other dental probiotic products are either chewable tablets, powders, drinks, chewing gums — i.e. products that are gone from the mouth in 5-15 minutes. Imagine if you took a gut probiotic...

Your Gut Starts At Your Lips

September 09, 2016 Steven Edwards

Digestion actually begins in your mouth as you chew food and salivary amylase converts starches into sugars. Therefore, your mouth is essentially your “upper gut” and your intestines are your “lower gut”. Now, most folks know that antibiotics can mess up the good and bad germs in your lower gut. And obviously, you have germs in your mouth, good and bad, just like in your lower gut. But what about dental products with claims like: “Kills 99% of Germs”? Might such dental products mess up the good and bad germs in your mouth? Except that you don’t get mouth diarrhea, mouth bloating,...